Auto body shops have two choices in the way they run their business. They can be an insurance company “preferred body shop” and work to please the insurance company, or they can work for the person who actually owns and drives the car.

They can’t do both.

At Trimbach’s Body Shop, we choose you. And we always will.

We won’t let insurance companies force us to use substandard parts and practices. And we’ll do everything in our power to educate the consumer on what those best practices are. We simply want you to be safe and feel happy in your repaired car. After all, it’s your car and your choice.

Trimbach’s Body Shop offers the finest in collision repair.

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At Trimbach’s every step we take is done with our customer’s convenience in mind. We know it was likely not in your plan to visit a body shop today and we’re glad you are considering us.

For the speediest estimate, please call 937-224-4283 or simply click one of the following buttons →

We will meet with you, face-to-face, collect your insurance information explain your repair, and give you a free estimate.

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Misconceptions Happen!

Can you guess what the one of the most common misconceptions about the collision repair industry is? It's thinking that car insurance is like health insurance. It's assuming that it will cost you more money if you go out of insurance network. Here's the truth; there is NO network that you must adhere to in automotive repair. That's right! There's no penalty for exercising your freedom of choice. Yes some car insurance companies create confusion by trying to direct you to a shop on "their"..

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