Sound Repairs, Sound Advice

Choosing an auto body shop or body repair facility can be confusing. There is a lot of bad and misinformation out there. Remember, it’s your car, it’s your choice. Research your options. Learn the terms. Ask questions and ask for referrals. Then select the auto body shop that’s right for you.

Nine Guidelines to Choosing a Repair Facility

Finding the right place to repair your car can become a tedious task and at Trimbach’s Body Shop we recognize this. So, in order to better help your decision we have compiled guidelines to better help your search.

Know Your Insurance Rights

You have the right to select the shop that will repair your car. In fact, to make processing your claim easier on you, select the repair shop, leave your car there, and notify your insurance agent or company.

Steer Away from Insurance Company Steering

Don’t believe everything that you hear from an insurer when it is trying to “STEER” you to a repair shop. This technique is used to control you through intimidation and fear.

Body and Collision Repair Tips

If you’ve been in a collision, here are the most basic repair tips to keep in mind while you work your way through the process.

Share Your Insurance Story

Trimbach’s Body Shop has created this place for you to share your insurance horror story or your good words of recommendation.

What is a Direct Repair Program?

Direct Repair Programs (DRP) that insurers have in place with “preferred” shops are not for the benefit of you, the consumer.

Resources/External Links

Browse through these helpful links that we’ve assembled so that you can be as knowledgeable as possible when getting your vehicle repaired.