Body Repair Resources for Consumers

When you’ve been in a car wreck, it’s natural to want your car back as quick as possible. It’s an inconvenience and

a hassle to be without your vehicle. But make sure you take the time to learn your rights as a consumer. As a matter of fact, taking the time to learn your rights before you buy a car, or before you’ve been in a wreck, can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of exasperation down the road. Remember, it’s your car and your choice, it’s your dollars and your choice.

  • Stop Steering A web site full of information to help you get a professional and safe car repair you deserve.
  • Wreck Check Has the value of your car been diminished in a collision? Find out at Wreck Check.
  • Insurance Consumer Advocate Network (I-Can) A site dedicated to empowering consumers nationwide about their insurance rights.
  • Edmunds Automobile Buyer’s Guide Edmunds car buying guide lists new car prices, used car prices, car comparisons, car buying advice and other information you need to make a smart decision.
  • Kelly Blue Book Kelly Blue Book calls itself “the trusted resource for prices, values, and expert and consumer reviews on new and used cars.”
  • NADA Car Guide Get new car prices, used car values, car buying guides, car reviews, specs, safety ratings, and other information you need to know.
  • Recalls By Vin Ever wonder if you car has a recall. Click here and type in your vin number to find out.
  • Classic Car Storage for Winter Some tips on how to store your car for the winter.