Fender Menders

You can’t repair a car correctly without the right parts and the right equipment. That seems simple enough, but you might be surprised at how many body shops don’t have the proper equipment.

At Trimbach’s, our collision repair stations include dedicated frame benches for pulling and squaring your vehicle. Our digital frame measuring system creates a before and after printout to verify that your frame or unibody was straightened back to its original manufacturer specifications.

The only place to buy factory OEM parts is a dealership. When your car repair is finished, we’ll provide you with an itemized list of all the parts and materials used and all the labor completed. You’re more then welcome to review the invoices of our suppliers as well. It’s your car, you should know where the parts came from. AIRBAG WARNING: As stated above, only dealerships can sell factory OEM parts. This includes airbags. If your airbags were deployed in an accident, make sure that they are replaced with new factory OEM. This is not a place to save a buck. We’ll give you a written and signed document that verifies that replacement airbags are new factory OEM.