Know Your Insurance Rights

  “IT’S YOUR CAR – IT’S YOUR CHOICE” You have the right to select the shop that will repair your car. In fact, to make processing your claim easier on you, select the repair shop, leave your car there, and notify your insurance agent or company. How many estimates do you need for a car repair? In Ohio, you only need to get one estimate. Your insurance adjuster may need to inspect the damage before approving your claim. If your insurance company has a drive-in claims service, and your car is safe to drive, call them for an appointment. Take your car there. Make sure you get a copy of the insurance adjuster’s estimate, and take it and your car to the car repair shop of your choice. Some insurance agents may tell you to get two or three estimates. Talk to your insurance adjuster first. Generally, claims are handled by the insurance company’s claims department, not agents. And remember, in Ohio, you only need to get one car repair estimate.