No Steering!

Don’t believe everything that you hear from an insurer when it is trying to “STEER” you to a repair shop. Don’t be fooled! These phrases and others like them are used to control you through intimidation and fear. Read your policy and always remember, it’s Your Car! Your Choice! Learn these phrases most often used by insurers to deceive consumers: “You will have to pay more if you go to the shop of your choice.” Insurers make this statement to intimidate you. The insurer has to pay to have all accident related repairs completed. We won’t warranty the repair if you go there.” Ask the insurer for a copy of this “warranty” and who will do the re-repairs, remember insurers don’t actually repair anything, so they can’t do warranty repairs. “If you go to our network shop, we will warranty the repairs for as long as you own the car.” Insurers don’t repair cars, so how can the company do a warranty repair. “We can’t give you a rental if you use them.” If you have rental on your policy, take advantage of it; if you are a claimant hit by someone else, they have to put you into a rental vehicle. “They won’t agree with our appraiser.” Appraisers are not repair professionals. Never give up your rights on a claim. You should NEVER let any repair shop negotiate and settle your claim with a person who doesn’t repair vehicles. Shops that “agree” often with appraisers are trying to remain friendly with the insurance companies. YOU are the customer; never let a “preferred” shop demote your status! “We have had a hard time with that shop. We can’t work with that shop.” Typically means the shop is reputable to the point that it refuses to cut corners and keep information from you, the vehicle owner. These are the shops consumers should “prefer.” “They are not on our preferred list.” “Preferred” means the insurance company “prefers” you use a shop that has signed an

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agreement to pre-negotiate your repairs by giving the insurer discounts, using inferior parts, and possibly not doing all necessary processes to repair your vehicle properly. Many of these shops will admit that the insurer is the real customer because they are “paying the bill” That is YOUR money! “If you

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go to a non-preferred shop, your repair will be delayed waiting for our adjuster to inspect the vehicle.” Delays are the insurer’s issue and should not be your problem. Most state insurance regulations state insurers must respond within a reasonable amount of time. This is simply another tactic to “encourage” you to use a “preferred” shop and hoping to appeal to a “microwave society” mindset. “If you go to our shop we can pay them directly and it will be faster.” Why would you want them to pay the shop? It is your money, the check should be written to you!