Paying Attention to Distracted Driving

With more students’ cars on the road, more will inevitably end up in our shop. It’s important to sit down with your teen now and stress the importance of staying focused while driving. I found an interesting website that may help drive home your point. It’s called Along with a lot of eye-opening statistics, it also gives testimonials from drivers who have lost someone to distracted driving accidents. also breaks down the laws, examining what is considered illegal while driving. According to the site, Ohio’s texting and driving law goes into effect for the state of Ohio on August 30, 2012. Even if your child doesn’t cause an accident while texting, he or she could still be subject to a hefty fine. This website is a great tool to educate your teens about the effects of all distracted driving, whatever the distraction may be – and that’s not always cell phones. Many don’t realize that eating while driving is also an extreme distraction. That bag of fast food can be just as treacherous as the smart phone. We hear about this and witness the effects every day. Keep your family safe this fall and teach them the dangers of all distractions while behind the wheel. While we appreciate any business, we’re in no hurry to see you in here soon.