We Enjoy Watching Paint Dry!

It takes a special mindset to be a Refinish Technicianat Trimbachs. We take great pride in our attention to detail and seamless paint match. We know that, when your car is repaired, you wantit to function correctly, but you also want it to look great. A bad paint job can ruin an otherwise great repair. And it’s easy to ruin a paint job. We see them everyday when customers bring their cars in from other shops. At Trimbach’s, we utilize a digital paint matching system to ensure that color is exactly the same as they day it came off of the assembly line. Our heated downdraft booth ensures that there are no imperfections in the paint as it’s applied and that paint adheres to the car body just like the manufacturer intended. There are no shortcuts to great auto paint. Our team will take the time to do it right and ensure that you, the customer, are happy with the final result. Meet the Trimbach Collision Technician Team.