A Fresh Coat of “Green” Paint

On the forefront of “green” technology for paint finishing systems, PPG has released a new low-VOC Envirobase High Performance waterborne base coat. Trimbach’s Body Shop is proud to be one of the first in its region to use this new cutting edge technology for body paint repair. Not only does this new waterborne base coat improve paint quality with an enhanced ability to match vehicles’ original finish, but is also incredibly environmentally friendly. The PPG waterborne basecoat reduces VOC emissions by 80%, reduces hazardous waste, and improves the overall air quality for the community. Already mandatory in California and Canada, this new high tech paint system has now expanded to the Ohio area and we’re glad to be at the forefront. In comparison to the previous paint finishing systems that body shops had once used, the new, ecologically sound paint system produces better color matches, which allows repairs to be completed more quickly. In regards to all of the exceedingly positive reviews of the low-VOC PPG waterborne base coat, Trimbach’s Body Shop is extremely excited to have raised the bar in service as an environmentally responsible business by using this new “green” technology.