Misconceptions Happen!

Can you guess what one of the most common misconceptions about the collision repair industry is? It’s thinking that car insurance is like heatlh insurance. It’s assuming that it will cost you more money if you go out of insurance network. Here’s the truth; There is NO network that you must adhere to in automotive repair. That’s right! There’s no penalty for exercising your freedom of choice. Yes some car insurance companies create confusion by trying to direct you to a shop on “their” list of providers; some even try to suggest it may cost you more if you excercise your choice. Hence the misconception is created. But again, the truth is that you can go wherever you want for your repairs and it won’t cost you one penny more! Now that’s definitely different than health insurance networks. When you recognize that it’s your choice, you’ll become an empowered consumer. And the best part, unlike health insurance, it won’t cost you any more money for excercising this choice.